Pick Up a Digital Copy of Issi Noho’s Latest Double Album “(ABOUT) TIME” – for just £10

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About Time Album and CDs Pic
1. Your Sin
2. The Ladder
3. Modulator (Techy Mix)
4. Back to the Underground
5. NiNe (Undercover Alien Mix)
6. L’Eau Mirror
7. Dust to Dawn
8. She’s A Gun
9. Modulator (Two Rabbits Live Mix)
10. Minitaur
11. Viper
12. Sanctuary
Disc2. Obyvate DJ Mix

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We’ve been producing psychedelic beats under the name Issi Noho since the mid’ 90s – hard edged evolving rhythms with twisted soundscapes…think Pink Floyd meets the Chemical Brothers. Our live shows combine our electronic set up with rock guitars and even more percussion (as well as the compulsory lasers, and bespoke visuals!).

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